Wheat Season has started and we are so excited to show it to you!
In this paid issue of the Sourced newsletter, Anna and Chloe share some updates on the newsletter structure, a gift guide and a few party tricks.
In this issue, Chloe dives into cosy baking season and Anna shares the cookbooks shes been sharing recently.
Our monthly round up of what's new on the Sourced website and a quick catch up on what September was like for Anna & Chloe (reader, it was *busy*)
Anna discusses how spaces are made and why making safe spaces matter. Chloe shares the importance of leaving yourself little care packages in the…
The last days of summer have us mentally preparing to go back into full work mode. Chloe shares how we’ve built Sourced to keep us from feeling snowed…
For our first subscriber newsletter of August we recap Water season and introduce Cinnamon season
HBD. That’s it, that’s the intro.
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